The integrated development environment

When you start C++Builder, you are immediately placed within the integrated development environment, also called the IDE. This environment provides all the tools you need to design, develop, test, debug, and deploy applications.

C++Builder’s development environment includes a visual form designer, Object Inspector, Component palette, Project Manager, source code editor, debugger, and installation tool. You can move freely from the visual representation of an object (in the form designer), to the Object Inspector to edit the initial runtime state of the object, to the source code editor to edit the execution logic of the object. Changing code-related properties, such as the name of an event handler, in the Object Inspector automatically changes the corresponding source code. In addition, changes to the source code, such as renaming an event handler method in a form class declaration, is immediately reflected in the Object Inspector.

Designing applications
C++Builder includes all the tools necessary to start designing applications:

A blank window, known as a form, on which to design the UI for your application.
An extensive class library with many reusable objects.
An Object Inspector for examining and changing object traits.
A Code editor that provides direct access to the underlying program logic.
A Project Manager for managing the files that make up one or more projects.
Many other tools such as an image editor on the toolbar and an integrated debugger on menus to support application development in the IDE.

Command-line tools including compilers, linkers, and other utilities.

You can use C++Builder to design any kind of 32-bit Windows application—from general-purpose utilities to sophisticated data access programs or distributed applications. C++Builder’s database tools and data-aware components let you quickly develop powerful desktop database and client/server applications. Using C++Builder’s data-aware controls, you can view live data while you design your application and immediately see the results of database queries and changes to the application interface.


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