Everything we do today is accomplished one way or the other by use of electronic devices such  as desktops, laptops, tablets or even mobile phones. It is not always that these devices will work without technical failures.
Most office or home devices  in time may require an extra hardware upgrade, a newer version of software, a repair after a malfunction or even  a scheduled maintenance.  As a result, devices perform more effectively giving better results and performance and sometimes saving cost in the long run. Your work place devices may require different service. Weather you have a large business using several devices or a small business using one device,  the bottom line to making your next decision as to what service your business requires will depend on several factors such as cost, quality and time. Cost of service you are looking forQuality of the serviceHow long will the service you are looking for take to complete
Other factors include the a nature of business, size of business…

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GPS Location in Kenya

Password Remover

How does it feel like to misplace something you often use?

This happens a lot in real circumstances not only do we misplace tangible things such as keys etc but important data such as passwords. We handle documents everyday, whether in files, in folders or in flush disks. To ensure that no one else gets to read the information on our documents, we often protect our documents with difficult password that would take time for anyone to figure out.
With time owing to the many passwords that we may be required to remember, it occurs that we fail to recall the exact passwords we used blocking ourselves from accessing the contents of the file.

This can be a difficult situation especially when the data which has been blocked includes important data or information you need to refer or use at that time.
With the use of special recovering software and data skills, it becomes a one click task and your documents become accessible again. Opening blocked files or password protected files such as excel f…
Losing your data through a wrong click on your keyboard or through a hard disk failure should not be the end of your business.

Time and Precise Technology has proofed that you can now salvage data from your hard disk or flush drive and continue with your business as if nothing had happened. If you have lost your data, then you have found the right spot.

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Tentative definitions

The ANSI C standard supports the concept of the tentative definition. Any external data declaration that has no storage class specifier and no initializer is considered a tentative definition. If the identifier declared appears in a later definition, then the tentative definition is treated as if the extern storage class specifier were present. In other words, the tentative definition becomes a simple referencing declaration.

If the end of the translation unit is reached and no definition has appeared with an initializer for the identifier, then the tentative definition becomes a full definition, and the object defined has uninitialized (zero-filled) space reserved for it. For example,

int x;

int x; /*legal, one copy of x is reserved */
int y;
int y = 4; /* legal, y is initialized to 4 */
int z = 5;

int z = 6; /* not legal, both are initialized definitions */

Unlike ANSI C, C++ doesn't have the concept of a tentative declaration; an external data declaration without …


TClientDataSet implements a database-independent dataset.




TClientDataSet encapsulates a database-independent, distributed dataset. A client dataset can be used as a

Fully-functional, standalone, flat-file dataset for single-tiered database applications. When used in this manner, an application uses the client dataset to read from and write to a user’s hard disk directly, without accessing a database engine.
Client dataset in the client application portion of a multi-tiered database application.

Note: The two functions described above are not mutually exclusive. A multi-tiered application can be designed to support the option of working with data off-line, using the “briefcase” model. On site, the application uses TClientDataSet to communicate with the application server’s data provider. When a user works off site, the client dataset writes a snapshot of the data to the hard disk. The application works with this snapshot off site, with the client dataset acting as …


Executes the query or stored procedure bound to a specified provider.

virtual HRESULT __safecall AS_Execute(const WideString: ProviderName, const WideString: CommandText, OleVariant &Params, OleVariant &OwnerData) = 0 ;


Use AS_Execute to pass an execute command to a remote provider, using a specified set of parameters. AS_Execute calls the Execute method of the specified provider after assigning any parameters. Output parameters that result from executing a query or stored procedure are returned in the Params parameter.

Note: Different types of provider interpret the Execute command in different ways. Some providers merely generate BeforeExecute and AfterExecute events, while others execute a query or stored procedure.

The ProviderName parameter specifies the name of the provider component associated with the query or stored procedure.

CommandText specifies an optional SQL statement that replaces the SQL of the provider’s query, or the name of a stored procedure that re…