Distributing a client application as an ActiveX control

The MIDAS architecture can be combined with C++Builder’s ActiveX features to distribute a MIDAS client application as an ActiveX control.
When you distribute your client application as an ActiveX control,create the application server as you would for any other multi-tiered application.
When creating the client application, you must use an Active Form as the basis instead of an ordinary form.

Once you have built and deployed your client application, it can be accessed from any ActiveX-enabled Web browser on another machine. For a Web browser to successfully launch your client application, the Web server must be running on the machine that has the client application.
If the client application uses DCOM to communicate between the client application and the application server, the machine with the Web browser must be enabled to work with DCOM. If the machine with the Web browser is a Windows 95 machine, it must have installed DCOM95, which is available from Microsoft


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