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How does it feel like to misplace something you often use?

This happens a lot in real circumstances not only do we misplace tangible things such as keys etc but important data such as passwords. We handle documents everyday, whether in files, in folders or in flush disks. To ensure that no one else gets to read the information on our documents, we often protect our documents with difficult password that would take time for anyone to figure out.
With time owing to the many passwords that we may be required to remember, it occurs that we fail to recall the exact passwords we used blocking ourselves from accessing the contents of the file.

This can be a difficult situation especially when the data which has been blocked includes important data or information you need to refer or use at that time.
With the use of special recovering software and data skills, it becomes a one click task and your documents become accessible again. Opening blocked files or password protected files such as excel files, word documents or even PDF files is now possible.

Do not fail to get your work done on time or get incorrect information just because one of your files can not be opened due to a password protection. It can be easily opened if you hand it to those who can easily remove the protection without getting your documents corrupted.

Get your files unblocked.
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  1. There are two kinds of PDF Password. Owner Password which prevent people from copying and printing, can be removed. I'm using AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover, pretty easy and useful.
    AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover
    But open password? Not easy to crack I think.

  2. Every lock has a key, it may not be a one minute task to open the lock but if it was done it could be undone :)

  3. Every day new software are coming up to help retrieve lost passwords. I think they are all programmed from the same functions.. to read the source where the password is stored. I have not yet come across a powerful password breaker.. Any one?

    1. Check out my new site,


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