TClientDataSet implements a database-independent dataset.




TClientDataSet encapsulates a database-independent, distributed dataset. A client dataset can be used as a

Fully-functional, standalone, flat-file dataset for single-tiered database applications. When used in this manner, an application uses the client dataset to read from and write to a user’s hard disk directly, without accessing a database engine.
Client dataset in the client application portion of a multi-tiered database application.

Note: The two functions described above are not mutually exclusive. A multi-tiered application can be designed to support the option of working with data off-line, using the “briefcase” model. On site, the application uses TClientDataSet to communicate with the application server’s data provider. When a user works off site, the client dataset writes a snapshot of the data to the hard disk. The application works with this snapshot off site, with the client dataset acting as a flat-file dataset in a single-tiered application.

The client dataset can communicate with a data provider directly by calling the provider component’
s methods. When used in a client application as part of a multi-tiered application, the client dataset passes all calls to the provider through the remote data module’s IAppServer interface.


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