Field Link designer

The Field Link Designer provides a visual way to link (join) master and detail tables.
At design time, drop a TDataSource object on the form and define a datasource. Select the TTable component and double-click the MasterFields property in the Object Inspector to invoke the Field Link designer.

Available Indexes combo box

The Available Indexes combo box shows the currently selected index used to join the tables. Unless you specify a different index name in the table’s IndexName property, the default index used for the link is the primary index for the table. Other available indexes defined on the table can be selected from the drop-down list.

To link master and detail tables:

1 Select the field to use to link the detail table in the Detail Fields list
2 Select the field to link the master table in the Master Fields list.
3 Choose Add.

The selected fields are be displayed in the Joined Fields list box. For example,

OrderNo -> OrderNo

For tables on a database server, the Available Indexes combo box will not appear, and you must manually select the detail and master fields to join in the Detail Fields and Master Fields list boxes.


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