Using the javascript libraries

The HTML pages generated by the InternetExpress components and the Web items they contain make use of several javascript libraries that ship with C++Builder:

This library is a DOM-compatible XML parser written in javascript. It allows parsers that do not support XML to use XML data packets. Note that this does not include support for XML Islands, which are supported by IE5 and later.

This library defines data access classes that manage XML data packets and XML delta packets.

This library defines classes that associate the data access classes in xmldb with HTML controls in the HTML page.

This library defines classes that can be used when reconciling update errors. These classes are not used by any of the built-in InternetExpress components, but are useful when writing a Reconcile producer.

This library includes functions to display formatted XML data packets and XML delta packets. This library is not used by any of the InternetExpress components, but is useful when debugging.

These libraries can be found in the Source/Webmidas directory. Once you have installed these libraries, you must set the IncludePathURL property of all MIDAS page producers to indicate where they can be found.
It is possible to write your own HTML pages using the javascript classes provided in these libraries instead of using Web items to generate your Web pages. However, you must ensure that your code does not do anything illegal, as these classes include minimal error checking (so as to minimize the size of the generated Web pages).

The classes in the javascript libraries are an evolving standard, and are updated regularly. If you want to use them directly rather than relying on Web items to generate the javascript code, you can get the latest versions and documentation of how to use them from CodeCentral available through


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