Granting permission to access and launch the application server

Requests from the InternetExpress application appear to the application server as originating from a guest account with the name IUSR_computername, where computername is the name of the system running the Web application. By default, this account does not have access or launch permission for the application server. If you try to use the Web application without granting these permissions, when the Web browser tries to load the requested page it times out with EOLE_ACCESS_ERROR.
Note: Because the application server runs under this guest account, it can’t be shut down by other accounts.

To grant the Web application access and launch permissions, run DCOMCnfg.exe, which is located in the System32 directory of the machine that runs the application server. The following steps describe how to configure your application server:

1.When you run DCOMCnfg, select your application server in the list of applications on the Applications page.

2.Click the Properties button. When the dialog changes, select the Security page.

3.Select Use Custom Access Permissions, and press the Edit button. Add the name IUSR_computername to the list of accounts with access permission, where computername is the name of the machine that runs the Web application.

4.Select Use Custom Launch Permissions, and press the Edit button. Add IUSR_computername to this list as well.

5.Click the Apply button.


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