Idea: Phone Programming

Programming has gone up to another level. I was looking at my phone and at one point an idea came up my mind.

How can we program to make things easy and swifter?
I’ve got an idea. New phones are been poured in the market every day.
What if you programmed a phone that could do the following for you?

When you get in a dark room, you don’t have to look for the switch. Reach for the phone in the pocket scroll through your menu, select switch icon and click lights on. This would be very secure as will make a move once the lights are on.

Oh yah I forgot, we parked our car but left the keys inside the car. How can programming save us this time? Lets program the same phone in such a way that I don’t have to go out of the house again to set the car alarm on or break the window to get my keys. Possible. Select menu on your phone, select the related icon car for example and press alarm on. Or the function can be coded in such a way you can memorize the numbers if that’s not to tiresome. Number 1 for lights, Number 2 for stereo play and so on.

This can help prevent young teens from getting your car without your permission. Know how? To enable the alarm or security of the car you have to enter the pin in the phone unlike leaving your keys lying on the table. Yes, that is what I call easy programming. You know this can reduce teens driving without licenses. Meaning that road accidents will also be less. Should we continue programming?

With the easy programming code, the phone can be so small that no one can really believe that you control everything in your house by just using that small programmed phone.
Other possibilities are like enabling door locks, controlling you stereo.
Probably you’ve got something else the phone can do. Programming is the paths to the future so what ever you do continue programming.

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