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I have a 2GB DV MP5, MP4 Digital Player. I like the device as it comes with, a camera, player, video and also a webcam USB camera.

The only thing that disturbs me much is I can listen to the radio unless I insert the ear phone to improvise the antenna. Given the radio application, I wonder if it’s possible to program (write a code) in a way that would configure my radio application to receive signals that can be actually be close to an internet connection.As Featured On EzineArticles

In other words, can the radio your listening to or the Aver TV card in your PC receive signals that can be interpreted through a programmed application be harnessed and with the blue tooth technology, establish an internet connection?

We had several ideas of how to easy program and experiment if it were possible but there happened to be draw backs along.

1. The radio waves been received by the media player with the radio receiver were not detected by our Blue tooth device.
2. Owing to the varying between the blue tooth device communicating frequency and the radio waves, there cropped a difficult situation. Communication between devices is very important as we can be able to analyze the waves and set our frequency settings.

We are still looking at this small project. We have no doubt that you might have an idea on how we can easily program more preferably in C++.

Programming gives the ability to see things happen before they are created, let as wait and see.
As Featured On EzineArticles

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